A lot new developments for Designs by CADPRO!

For one, this site is now officially as a domain name! Which means it will be a whole lot easier to remember if you haven't already bookmarked it! If you have then, you can now bookmark the new domain and start to come here more often because I will be posting regularly! Regularly means once a month for blogs and posting new paintings for sale!

Two, I am currently getting ready for another exhibit by Gallery 120 in the Town of Clover, The name of the virtual and in-person exhibit is called Coming Together (September 2021) serving all community artists in this area. I was so sort of last minute, but I'm sure it will be a 'BIG' success!

Two of my paintings are could be up for an award. Here they are and if you want to copies or purchase the original, please let me know! They will be available after September if no one grabs them up at the show!

Thirdly, I am in the process of starting a PO Box for future business. I will keep you posted on that as well. But if you are in the, please stop and see my work and many of the artist's works in the month of September!

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